Maria JOAQUINA   Notes
Birth: 6 JUL 1841   Santo Antnio
Gender: Female
  Father: Manuel Caetano DA SILVEIRA
  Mother: Emerenciana JOAQUINA

Marriage: 21 JAN 1858
  Spouse: Antnio Incio PIMENTEL   Notes
  Birth: 21 AUG 1833   Santo Antnio
  Death: 15 OCT 1882
  Gender: Male
    Father: Manuel Incio Ferreira PIMENTEL
    Mother: Maria Bernarda de SANTA ROSA
  Maria Bernarda do Corao DE JESUS
  Manuel Incio Ferreira PIMENTEL
  Jos ?
  Birth: 4 MAR 1863   Santo Antnio
  Gender: Male
  Rosa Joaquina do Corao DE JESUS
  Ana ?
  Birth: 2 FEB 1869   Santo Antnio
  Gender: Female
  Florinda ?
  Birth: 9 OCT 1871   Santo Antnio
  Gender: Female
  Antnio ?
  Birth: 9 APR 1874   Santo Antnio
  Death: 12 APR 1874
  Gender: Male
  Antnio ?
  Birth: 18 JUL 1876   Santo Antnio
  Gender: Male
  Joo ?
  Birth: 22 NOV 1879   Santo Antnio
  Gender: Male

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